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Knife Culture: Buried Melbourne - compilation 2xCD {Sabbatical}
"WHAT THE HELL IS A JIGGAWATT?!?" - compilation C88 {Hair on My Food Tapes & Records}
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Two "New" Splits.

After about three years wait on both these releases they have been released.

First we have the split with Tar Pits from Melbourne out on Hoarse Recordings.
Pro-pressed green C40 tapes with full colour gloss covers.
Two sides of moody melancholic music. Tar Pits side consisting of some of the best dark ambient I've heard of late. The Dotabata side consisitng of a piece of restrained looped guitar, bells, etc, descending into a haze of noise...
Email for a copy.

Second we have the split with Gorgonized Dorks from California (USA) out on Placenta Recordings.
3' CDr in Jewel case.
Blurb from the label: "HARSH NOISE GRIND"
Contact label for a copy.

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