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Monday, August 4, 2014

News 4/8/2014...

So not much news at the moment, but here is some:

Gig: Sunday 10th August at Discobeans. Info coming...

Gig: House show: 3:00pm 30th August 2014. Pender St, Thornbury. See previous post for more info...

Gig: Preforming (live & prepared tape manipulation) as part of "ABBOTTOIR" September 9th...

New tape "Crusty Pineal" coming out on Mazurka Editions soon.

Lots of Recording. See below images for vague ideas of the direction things are going in...

House show:

3:00pm 30th August 2014.

Pender St, Thornbury.


BOUND FOR GLORY are one of Melbourne's finest exponents of noise. With Mark Groves (Dead Boomers/Von Einem) at the helm and an ever changing line-up, BFG performances are always unique and challenging. Expect the unexpected.

GALACTAGOGUE is the noise/drone project of Mark Skelton (Night Soil/Last Days Of The Sun). Low frequency waves of primordial sound that induces uncontrollable physical behavior. Extreme though amazing!

DIE LIKE A GOD is Shaun Duncan (White Tiger A:. A:.), originally from the City Of Churches. DLAG are one of the most ferocious sound merchants this country has ever produced.

AUTOMATING is the experimental project of Sasha Margolis (Constant Light/Salivation Army), sublime and ethereal, Automating are at the forefront of the avant garde in Australia today.

HATE CAGE are Lloyd James Honeybrook (Hate Sax/Occult Blood/Fucked) and Peter James (Solvent Cage/Monolith). This will be their first performance, expect walls of feedback drenched noise obliteration.

DOTABATA is Carey Knight (Inmost Night), one of the more interesting noise makers about town Dotabata explores sound in a very unique fashion using a variety of sources and instrumentation to create mesmerising noisescapes.

Please note there will be no set times listed as its going to be SOUND IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER.
Click this for Facebook event.